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he legal circumstances and tax advantages have lured many betting providers to other European countries over the years. Today the bookies are primarily based in Malta and Gibraltar. There are hardly any online betting providers that have their headquarters in Germany. The bookie mybet, which according to the imprint of Personal Exchange International Ltd. is an exception. The limited company in question is based in Malta, but it belongs to mybet Holding SE, which in turn is based in Altenholz, Germany (Schleswig-Holstein). As a result, mybet is a bookie headquartered in Germany!

There are of course other betting providers that have emerged in German-speaking countries. For example, the well-known Bookie Interwetten, which has its origins in Vienna (Austria) (today’s headquarters: Malta). Even the industry pioneer bwin has German-Austrian roots, although the company’s headquarters have now been relocated to Gibraltar. Competitor Tipico has now also relocated its headquarters to Malta.

Finally, one should not think that blanket sports betting online is illegal in Germany. It depends on the individual case. Of course, the company’s headquarters alone do not allow any conclusions to be drawn as to whether sports betting is legal in Germany. Conversely, this does not mean, of course, that foreign bookies are generally dubious. After all, almost every betting company is based in Malta or Gibraltar.

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