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Interested parties can now access more than 3000 pages of pure expertise on this website, completely free of charge. Including not only our main test reports on numerous sports betting providers, but also detailed reviews of odds or live bets. There are also understandable explanations, tips and advice as well as news from the industry and current promo offers.

A helpful feature for all betting enthusiasts is certainly our system betting calculator, with which possible winnings or losses from system bets can be calculated very easily and free of charge.

On top of that, readers have the advantage of being able to access exclusive sports betting bonus offers, for example for the Bundesliga, which we offer again and again thanks to our reputation and contacts in the betting industry.

Nevertheless, we guarantee 100% objectivity and impeccable research in our online betting tests, regardless of whether it is a question of popular betting providers such as Interwetten or Betway sports betting or new betting providers who have to earn their spurs in the highly competitive betting market.

With our proven test procedure, we check each provider in the ten most important categories that are relevant for the evaluation of bets on the Internet.

The results achieved in each case from the individual test areas are added up and at the end result in the overall result for the test candidate in question and the associated placement in the ranking of the best betting sites.

With this transparent approach we offer the basis for a meaningful comparison of the best sports betting online portals currently available on the market!

For example, we have tested the betting offers of the sports betting providers with regard to the individual sports and have our own experience reports for football betting, tennis betting, eSports betting, etc. e

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