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Otherwise you will lose your entire stake, regardless of how many bets you have won. The system bet is a bit more complicated, but you don’t have to be right with all the tips without exception. With this type of bet, you always bet on at least three sporting events. Often the betting providers even accept up to eight or nine tips. They then automatically calculate all possible combinations from the bets you have placed, whereby you have to be correct with at least two tips. The betting provider gives you all possible combinations in so-called betting series. For example, if you have three picks, there are three combinations that will win you two out of three bets. So you have three lines of bets.

With six bets placed, there are already 15 different 2-way combinations. You can of course also be right with more tips. For five out of six won bets, there are only six possible combinations, so only six betting lines. The fewer betting series there are with the same number of tips, the higher the odds will be. So it becomes less likely that you will win. With the system bet you always have to wager the same amount for each betting series. For example, if you want to bet ten euros on 15 combinations of 2, you have to bet a total of 150 euros.

As a rule, however, the probability that you will lose your entire bet is lower than with the combination bet, since you can afford one or the other lost bet.

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